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Sarah  Cruse

O my lord...I laugh and cry and laugh and cry for you. that was a very good and sad story. I dont have words for it either! Reese is just so so precious and true.
And you know, I dont know if I ever told you but I think my nepwhew did that hitting thing too, if it's any consolation.
o, Reesie....

Sarah  Cruse

....and you know about my little biting habit, too. apparently I thought that was the funniest thing in the world, as It's told to me, I dont remember it.
I would bite and then laugh AT my victim, as she was yelling at me! that would have been my Mom.
And then there was that girl at my daycare who bit ME!
Reese is not alone. You might even say that he's in pretty good company. ;)

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